Quentin De Coninck's Personal Page

I just graduated as a Ph.D. under the supervision of Prof. Olivier Bonaventure at UCLouvain. I am part of the IP Networking Lab research group. My UCLouvain page is available here.

My research activites and publications are detailed in the research section of this website.

You may also have a look at my Google Scholar profile.

My thesis is freely available here and you can watch my public thesis defense on YouTube.


30. Mar. 2020

Just received my Ph.D. from the UCLouvain institution! Thank you all guys! You can retrive the video of my public defense either on YouTube or on a (slower) mirror.

23. Mar. 2020

Our tutorial proposal about "Multipath Transport Protocols" got accepted at ACM SIGCOMM 2020!

05. & 06. Feb 2020

I took part at the IETF QUIC interim meeting at Zurich and presented a overview of the Multipath extensions for QUIC.

04. Feb 2020

Very glad to have the opportunity to visit ETH Zurich and present a seminar presentation about "Pluginizing QUIC"!

30. Jan 2020

This website is up.

20. Aug 2019

We presented our paper Pluginizing QUIC at ACM SIGCOMM'19!

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